Saint James Avenue

Blue Developments is proud to have successfully completed this single-story extension project in St James Avenue, Beckenham. This intricate undertaking spanned 16 weeks and involved the seamless integration of all necessary facilities, including the operational kitchen, plumbing, and electrics throughout the construction process. To ensure the highest quality finish, our dedicated in-house team managed all aspects of the construction work and trades.

ClientBluigh Bates
Service ProvidedSingle Story Extension

The comprehensive project overview encompassed various essential tasks such as roof and window installation, demolition of existing structures, site excavation, foundation laying, removal of debris, blockwork, wall construction, creation of openings, removal of walls, screeding, installation of stud walls, electrical and plumbing work, plastering, kitchen installation, flooring, and shower installation.

Blue Developments' commitment to excellence shines through in the successful delivery of this project, showcasing our expertise and attention to detail at every stage of the extension's construction.

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